Six years in treatment of my diabetes

9:36 AM
Six years in treatment of my diabetes

Today, six years that I treat my diabetes autonomously: without insulin and without any other drug. More than a victory, as I said last year, it has become both a source of joy and my new norm. I feel completely normal, at ease and at peace with my way of living and eating. That did not stop me from learning some new stuff during the year! And I will share them with you.

I continue the routine
Despite my new learning and my many readings always passionate, my conclusions remain the same. My routine is simple: I do my best and inform myself all the time.

Here is my base: a strictly vegetal diet, complete, varied and unrefined, including the ten vegetal food groups, a lot of crudités and some medicinal plants. I do not feel like dieting, I eat what I want, I always learn to love what is good for me and less appreciate what is less. I make sure to eat well and to please myself because I want my treatment to be happy and lasting. I also adopt an active lifestyle, climbing and cycling, even in winter. I make sure to be happy and take care of myself, which does not make me want to eat my emotions anymore.

In addition to that, I eat 3 meals a day, I do not nibble, or so very rarely, I try to go to bed at reasonable times, but I do not succeed all the time. And I read books on non-violent communication, which I put into practice, to make sure to be happy, good about myself, good in my relationships.

There you go! That's where I am today.

I take supplements
Eh yes! It's been a few years since I know that everyone should supplement vitamin D in winter and make sure to have a reliable supply of vitamin B12 year-round. It took me some time to put it into practice, but today, finally, I supplement myself. I admit, I was helped: following my penultimate blood test, my doctor told me that my vitamin D levels were well below the recommended average. So I followed his advice illico and was given me a small bottle of liquid vitamin D "suitable for vegetarian food", which I was told that it also suited that of vegans. As long as I was there, I took the opportunity to buy Vitamin B12 too. I felt fit, but after more than 5 years of veganism, I thought I was due.

What has changed? Lots of things. One of my friends who studies Chinese medicine observed my tongue this summer and found it unusually cracked and whitish. After a few weeks of supplementation, the cracks have almost disappeared, and she has found a beautiful normal pink color. To have known!

Several less noticeable changes have also occurred, such as my feeling of fullness between meals (almost no desire to nibble to master), and all the glycemic, physiological and psychological benefits that entails. As I started both vitamins at the same time, I will never know which one is the most effective. But I believe that I am convinced: it is better to take these supplements than not to take them!

I drink cold infusions
I watched a video on the antioxidants of cold-infused teas on Dr. Michael Greger's website, I tried it right away. I feel like it's doing me a lot of good. And I love the fact that it does not use electricity. I started with green tea, then I tried the hibiscus-mint, then the amla powder, a little Indian fruit to know. Who knows how far will it lead me?!

The recipe is super simple: In the evening, soak at room temperature one or two liters of water with one or the other of these medicinal plants, then, the next day, filter (or pass in the mixer, not to lose the fibers ) and drink during the day. It hydrates so well, it tastes the summer, but it's good even when it's cold. I love that.

I became a real passionate about antioxidants. Amla, hibiscus and cold-brewed tea are some of the best sources, compared to 3100 foods tested. Whether it is to prevent cancer, to have better skin, to sleep better, to reduce our cravings for food, to reduce asthma or simply to help our body in many of its vital processes, anti-oxidants save our lives daily. If you eat and drink enough!

And my blood sugar?
I take my blood sugar more and more rarely. I rely on my feeling about my daily life, and I regularly take my glycated hemoglobin (HBA1C). For a year and a half, my last hemoglobin was 6.8, 7.2, 6.9, a big gap, 7.9, before the period of my launch, more stressed, then 7.0 and my last, 6.8%. I have not yet managed to go down below 6.8%. It will come. Meanwhile, I am satisfied, with the notable exception of my big gap, that I do not intend to reproduce. Complications of diabetes occur mainly when HBA1C exceed 7%. I remind you that I lived several years of glycated hemoglobin between 9 and 13.9%, before studying nutrition and stop taking insulin!

Sometimes, I feel the limits, but more and more, I'm just happy not to eat sweet desserts and feel no adverse effects at the end of the meal.

All you need to know about the ideally independent treatment of diabetes is on this website, or, more beautifully, in my book. It's so worth living without medication! My current quality of life is drastically more positive than it was during my first years of diabetes. And you, diabetics of all types, do you have similar experiences to share? Are there any of you who have stopped consuming animal products and refined sugars? Started to consume medicinal plants? Follow a completely different path? Decreased or cut drugs?

Looking forward to reading your comments!