Review of the last 7 years with veganism

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Review of the last 7 years with veganism

Since November 2008, my health-oriented lifestyle (veganism, exercise, medicinal plants and listening to his needs) allowed me to treat my diabetes properly without insulin. I was sure or I hoped it would continue forever. Well no! In January 2015, during my pregnancy, I started to inject insulin again. And I continued even after giving birth to a beautiful little girl. Far from being a fatality, this return of the medication allows me more freedom.

In my research for health and animal rights, I have come to value veganism more than healthy eating. And if that could inspire you? It would make a stone many shots!

My first glycosylated hemoglobin at 4.9%
For six years, I boasted that a healthy diet 1 could keep my blood glucose levels almost always normal. I gave lectures and wrote a book to teach and inspire diabetics to eat healthier. My goal was simple: to allow as many people as possible to do without drugs.

Pregnant, I started injecting myself with insulin again to get a better glycemic control than usual. Not long ago, I would have perceived this as a failure. But as a future mother, the well-being of my child exceeded my desire for "success". The knowledge and maturity that I have acquired in recent years have facilitated the control of my blood glucose levels: at the end of my pregnancy, and thanks to modest efforts, my glycated hemoglobin was 4.9%. Two percent lower than I could do without insulin!

How did I do it? It's simple, I followed the recommendations of nutritionists and endocrinologists. I ate relatively stable amounts of carbohydrate at each meal, took insulin accordingly, ate snacks between meals, and took my blood sugars very often. It was not so unpleasant.

Having a normal blood glucose is great!
We feel mental clarity, emotional calm, physical well-being that are difficult to imagine when we are in a situation of hyper or hypoglycemia. Non-diabetics may not realize their luck in this regard! This is how I realized that I would prefer to have glycated hemoglobin in the 5% and take insulin than to have them at 6 or 7% without insulin. For me today is more viable.

In recent years, independence from pharmaceutical companies has lost value in favor of veganism. I do not deny my need for autonomy: eating less carbohydrates requires less insulin. This creates less waste and drugs do not lead our lives. It is really worthwhile to control your diabetes without drugs, especially for type 2 diabetics. But I have to admit that I am one of the 10% of insulin-dependent diabetics. insulin per meal can make a big difference.

Today mom, I also want to cook what is best for our daughter. A vegan girl, she will appreciate it more if you prepare lasagna, pizzas and pear cakes (a little sweet) than salads of grated carrots and parsley. As you may know, everything can be cooked in vegetal, organic, whole and health. Even hot dogs, and even chocolate croissants.

But why veganism? How did I get there?
Parallel to my research in nutrition, and since they all led me to veganism, I also (started) to campaign for animal rights. If we do not need to eat animals to be healthy, then we have no good reason to do so. Since they feel pain, have their own interests, and do not like to be exploited or killed, I do not do it anymore. And I invite you to do the same. Or at least start to get interested in the question. For an epic introduction to veganism, I recommend Martin Gilbert's excellent book, Seeing His Steak as a Dead Animal.

So this is it. Always as diabetic and happy, and again insulin-dependent. Finally, it does not change much. Medicinal plants are cool, healthy food too, like good blood sugar. And veganism, even more.

And you? Do you manage to treat your diabetes without medication? Have you adopted vegetable foods? Can you share your experience?