On insulin resistance

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On insulin resistance

A plant and non-processed diet promotes good long-term control of all types of diabetes, as well as the health of all species, including animals and the planet. This is simply due to the constitution of plants in relation to animal products.

Animal products contain cholesterol, trans fat and a lot of saturated fat, all harmful to the health of the arteries. They do not contain dietary fiber and very few antioxidants, both necessary to maintain a healthy weight and good immune response. The proteins and minerals for which they are praised are all easily found in plants.

Vegetables and fresh fruits are an excellent source of water, the most essential nutrient after oxygen. All plants contain dietary fiber, which slows down the rate at which carbohydrates are released into the bloodstream, avoiding glycemic spikes. They are rich in antioxidants , they are alkalizing, they contain all the nutrients essential to good health in the long term. They are also free of cholesterol and trans fats 1, and contain little or no saturated fat 2.

Type 2 diabetes, such as pregnancy diabetes, is a question of insulin resistance . In other words, the pancreas of type 2 diabetics or pregnant women who develop diabetes produces plenty of insulin, but it does not work.

Insulin resistance, what is it?
The most plausible explanation for this phenomenon seems to lie in the presence of some intracellular lipids that interfere with the action of insulin, allowing carbohydrates to circulate freely in the blood instead of sending them to feed the cells. These lipids are cholesterol , saturated fats and trans fats that accumulate without being assimilated into the cells of omnivores. It's a bit like putting an eraser in a lock, preventing the key from opening the door. The "lock-entry of the cell" is normal, the "key-insulin" is functional, and yet it does not open. If we manage to clean the lock, everything should work again.

In this case, we want to remove the gum to give the insulin produced a chance to lower our blood sugar. What is great is that it is much easier to remove unwanted lipids from our cells than to remove a real gum in a real lock! The adoption of veganism can indeed be done overnight, and the effects will be felt quickly. I no longer count the testimonies I have read, nor the scientific studies consulted, expressing this reality.

Influence of veganism on insulin resistance
More and more people are experimenting with it: a few weeks of veganism and the drug needs of type 2 diabetics or pregnancy are diminishing and disappearing in most cases.

I invite you to watch this video of Neal Barnard on the issue, in English and read the Scientific Articles and References section at the end of my References page. If you have comments or experiences to tell, do not hesitate to share them :)

1. I am talking about unprocessed plants. Margarine and vegetable shortenings, without containing animal products, have been processed to mimic animal fats and therefore contain trans fats, which are the most harmful to health.↩

2. Some refined vegetable products such as coconut oil or cocoa oil are high in saturated fat: it is better to consume it sparingly.↩