Enjoy your Insulin - Dependent Pregnancy

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Enjoy your Insulin - Dependent Pregnancy

Oh yes! Since the second trimester of my pregnancy, in order to reach my glycemic goals, I have become insulin-dependent again. Since late January, I gradually returned insulin to my life: 0 units per day at the beginning of January, I spent this week 10 units of humalog per meal. On average, I increased one unit every 8-10 days. I also restarted slow insulin and went from 3 to 8 units a day last week. And that's only the beginning!

I confess to have changed my diet: as much as to sting, as much to enjoy! I eat more carbohydrates than three months ago, that's for sure. Nothing extravagant, nothing that would require as much insulin "in normal times". More fruit, larger portions of cooked meals, and even maple syrup a few times. Despite these escapades, I eat as always vegan, whole, varied, without refined sugars, and mainly non-processed, organic and home-cooked. I also take vitamin B12, D and Omega 3 DHA plant supplements. I do not know a more reliable way to eat!

Believe it or not, after all these years fighting for autonomy and farting the braces of the fact that I manage my blood sugar and my life without any medication, my return to insulin makes me happy. Sincerely! By relying on my experience, here are some ways to better appreciate his insulin-dependent pregnancy.

Love your child
Regardless of the sometimes complex or even arduous circumstances of the design, of our situation of couple or economic, our child is not responsible for it. If we choose to keep it or keep it, let's assume it: to love it and to wish it happiness seems to me a parent's priority.

As far as I'm concerned, I've been in love with our baby for some time before it was conceived. I believe that this love grows as pregnancy and its little blows! And Clement's kisses, his beloved father. My sense of responsibility for our child helps me to make more effort than normal. Sometimes, as in my first years of diabetes, I get sick of my 10 bites a day. From time to time, it hurts. Sometimes, I just want to be able to feed myself like others, without having to undergo this heavy ritual.

The advantage I have today is to focus on our child who is totally dependent on me. It helps me to relativize and gives me the energy to continue.

For insulin-dependent people at all times: why not maintain this love for yourself? The ups and downs are part of life and are inevitable, but as adults, if we do not take care of ourselves... it may be that no one will do it. To love oneself, to take care of oneself, is our ultimate gift, the best that we can accomplish for ourselves. And even possibly for others!

Get stung in the belly!
Since my first injection and probably until the end of pregnancy, I got stuck in one place: in my rounded belly, around the navel. This is the most effective place, my endocrinologist told me, and there is no risk of touching the baby or the baby who is 6 cm under the skin. This is the opportunity, several times a day, to think about our baby, to caress my belly and sometimes to harvest a little bit that makes me smile. This part of the "heavy" ritual makes it lighter!

If I continue insulin therapy later in life, I think I continue to do it here. If I have no more baby, I can remember this time and love me, simply. Easier to indulge in it by looking at your navel than your thighs, buttocks or arms!

It is normal for a pregnant woman to require more insulin. The placenta releases hormones that reduce insulin sensitivity, and variations in insulin production appear to follow a similar pattern in all pregnant women, whether or not they have diabetes. See this curve in the article on my diabetic, vegan and bicycle pregnancy .

A few decades ago, before the invention of insulin, I would have had no choice but to have higher blood glucose levels. It would have been extra risks to my health and that of our baby, who would have taken too much weight. Big babies are harder to deliver, and without a caesarean, maybe one or both of them would not have survived the birth! Just 30 years ago, women with diabetes simply did not think about becoming mothers. (Fortunately, they did not all do it! My mother is diabetic and has had five children!)

When I think about it, I feel very lucky. I also learn to appreciate medical research for its good shots.

Enjoy the benefits of well-controlled diabetes
I always thought I was too cool with my about 7% glycated hemoglobin without drugs. It must be remembered that I was leaving from afar! Since I was pregnant, I have achieved unparalleled levels of control throughout the history of my diabetes. I also look forward to my next glycated hemoglobin to measure the extent.

I really appreciate this new sensation. I feel hyperglycemia when I exceed 6.5 mmol / L! Before, I felt these same symptoms when I exceeded 9 mmol / L. I assure you that it undermines my concept of "well-controlled" diabetes. I may (probably) want to continue insulin after my pregnancy, at least once in a while. The stability of our blood glucose is good for our child, but it's also good for you!

Please yourself
I have a lot of fun in life, even when I eat less carbohydrates. Since November 2008, one of my biggest sources of joy was that my few dietary "sacrifices" in terms of carbohydrates allowed me to avoid bites. But since I started them again, I feel normal again. I could taste vegan desserts that I would normally avoid. After reflection, several desserts do not please me. White sugar and refined products, although vegan, seem to me as indigestible as animal or chemical products. But at least I feel free to say yes or no, according to my desire, and without excessive thirst, without extreme fatigue if I give in to temptation. This freedom probably does me more good than desserts as such.

I feel really normal, a simple human who eats well, green and ethical, as if I was less diabetic than before! And yet, I've never taken my blood glucose control as much as I've done in the past three months!

Wishing you as much pleasure as I have to take care of me and our child, do not hesitate to share your experiences of pregnancy under insulin. In fact, pregnant or not, men and women: if you take insulin, do you have anecdotes or tips to share to make the experience more enjoyable?