Diabetic Healthy Lifestyle

11:35 AM
Diabetic Healthy Lifestyle

During the past week, I have read and seen many people stress the importance of lifestyle in the prevention and control of any disease. What a great opportunity to call it back! By healthy lifestyle, I mean: a lifestyle that appeals to us, that is consistent with our values, principles, interests, talents, environment, and that allows us to breathe and take the time. The listening to oneself, the coherence between his ideas and actions and the pleasure of existing are a kind of assurance of good mental and emotional health. Our whole body works best being happy. Digestion is more efficient, the body more relaxed, breathing deeper. In three words, energy flows better! I would like to emphasize the importance of acting in coherence with our values ​​and our environment. Turn a blind eye to our principles, even to earn a salary that we need to pay the bills, it hurts. It makes you sour, it squeezes your chest, it kills the hope. It opens up the appetite for bad foods, space for "I-m-foutism" and too high blood sugars. How can one expect to have a healthy body if he cries daily without the possibility of expressing himself?

There are countless ways to work without self-destruction. It is as difficult to live healthy on a planet that dies as in a stressed body. Let's remember that there is no life without plants and that there are no more plants without natural spaces. No planet... no good glycemic control! Sincerely: work less, consume less and better, see the people we love, boycott what hurts, breathe, meditate, walk, love life, and our diabetes or health as our life will be better.

Soon in your library!
I read two books that particularly inspired me with emotionally healthy life choices: The words are windows (or walls) of Marshall B. Rosenberg and The 4 Toltec chords of Don Miguel Ruiz. I invite you at least to consult them :)