Diabetic encounter

11:26 AM
Diabetic encounter

Last night, 7 diabetics and a diabetic spouse came to sup at our home. It was a meeting of diabetics as I wish to live for a long time. Simple, friendly and motivating to move forward. I have been preparing for such meetings for a long time. Since I've been living without insulin, I'm pursuing an almost full-time quest to help other diabetics live better with their diabetes. In parallel, I am also pursuing the quest to help people adopt a more sustainable and ethical way of life. Fortunately, health, viability and empathy are totally compatible. So, I try to get in touch with diabetics, to create links and to share the best of my last years of research and experiences: veganism, medicinal plants, physical exercise, sustainable lifestyles, the self-acceptance...

It is quite difficult to reach people because I am self-published, I walk against the tide (no financial giant promotes independence from drugs, veganism, cycling, voluntary simplicity), and I am not familiar with most mass media. I am embarrassed to send press releases, write to reporters, radios, and even more on TV. Diabetic associations do not want to hear from me...

All that to say that I feel blessed to have gathered these people last night. It's starting to take off, I'm starting to make myself known. And most importantly, it makes me feel good to talk to other diabetics. I can control myself, have the most understanding spouse in the world, live with roommates who eat like me, I remain a diabetic person surrounded by non-diabetics, and I like to feel surrounded, understood, "as the other". To live the same pains, fights, constraints. Even if I consider, in the end, not to suffer so much from my "constraints" which are choices. Even if I am "diabetic and happy". Even if all cats have a different experience, I recognize myself in each one, I feel that my efforts bear fruit, and it is deeply relieving.

We went around the table where each person talked about their type and their diabetes experience, then we ate and discussed diabetes and other things. I had prepared, all day long, a little feast of mushroom mush with vegetables, millet pie (recipes to come), beetroot vegetépate, green salad, grated autumn vegetable salad, and apples with hazelnut spread with carob. I think it was appreciated! We also discussed the next meetings, and we came to the conclusion that cooking classes or concrete tips for the meetings would be welcome. Great, so it's now officially part of the program.

Thanks to cellis who participated in last night's meeting! I invite all diabetics who wish to join us. The more we are diabetic, the more we laugh! Do not miss the next meeting .

And you, what effect does it make you to meet between diabetics or between people of the same group? Do you feel the need?