8 things I do despite my diabetes or thanks to it

1:51 AM
8 things I do despite my diabetes or thanks to it

The announcement of the diagnosis of my type 1 diabetes has been tough. For sure. But I have never lost my joy of life so far. Below is a list of things that I do anyway despite (or thanks to) my diabetes and that I will continue to do. :)

1. To be a happy live
For many people, the announcement of the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes / type 2 diabetes is a terrible and crucial moment in their lives. It was the case for me too. But what to do? Lament day after day or just make the most of it? When my type 1 diabetic career began in 1998, I still did not know where it would take me. And 20 years later, I can say that thanks to (or despite) my diabetes, I became a responsible, satisfied and grateful person. Nowadays, we have good treatments for this disease (thanks to insulin, CGM and pumps) and I am grateful every day for being on this planet. Okay, that's probably also related to the fact that I have been with a wonderful woman for over 10 years now and a wonderful girl since September 2017.

2. Give me moments of relaxation
Diabetes is a full-time job! We would be so happy to occasionally drop our companion for a few days, p. ex. in a daycare for diabetes. But this is unfortunately not possible and often leads to frustration and resignation among those involved. My recommendation then is this: do you still give yourself, from time to time, respite, buy an ice cream, drink a beer, eat things that are not necessarily good for your health or that know I still. Indeed, it is only by taking breaks that we will then again have enough energy for the "work" that awaits us (insulin therapy, focus on food, evaluate carbohydrates, etc.).

3. Reproduce myself
All diabetics (whether type 1 or type 2) consciously (or unconsciously) are afraid to pass on their diabetes. My wife and I still decided to have children. And honestly, there is really nothing more beautiful than being able to accompany a child on the way to adulthood. But if one day my daughter should also develop diabetes, then we would already have at least one hobby in common. Therefore, do not be afraid and reproduce yourself. :)

4. Laughing myself
What is on the ground, brown and smelling of caramel? A diabetic who has just been struck by lightning. Yes, diabetes is not pie :) In fact, it sums up the situation well. Or in other words, we can laugh at everything and everyone as long as we do not forget the fundamental rule of knowing how to laugh at ourselves.

5. Do not focus on food, carbohydrates, insulin, etc. in everyday life
Life is too short to drink bad wine. In other words, diabetes may be my constant companion, it is not always central to my concerns so far, and I just give it the attention it deserves. Not too little, not too much either.

6. Do not forget me as a person
We are all (ie diabetics) people with needs, wishes and dreams, not just diabetics whose pancreas is out of whack. We should never forget it.

7. Raise awareness about diabetes
"Ah, are you diabetic? So you can not eat sugar at all! "It is precisely such erroneous prejudices that bother me and against which I try every day to fight. How am I doing it? I live p. ex. very openly with my diabetes and I also inject insulin in public without any problem (often also quite theatrically, especially when curious trying to "zebra" discreetly). It happens sometimes that people come to talk to me about it and I explain them very willingly my disease in a detailed way.

8. Take care of others
Dialogue with the people concerned and their loved ones is very important to me. I therefore try, thanks to my long experience, to always be a support for other diabetic people, either by means of advice, tips or simply by encouraging words. The community ma-glycemie.ch is also an important channel for these exchanges.